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We may get angry, run riot and lose our minds, but it all comes from a place of love.

Tali Clarke is founder and co-ordinator of Pride Punx - a community creative arts organisation, championing love, equality and freedom for all.

Pride Punx sets out to produce art, performance and activism at a grass-roots level with a DIY ethos, and to provide creative outlets and support for vulnerable people.

The most recent project has been a remotely produced digital panto - 'Madre Goose', featuring performers from the Red Rash Inn collective, raising money for The Outside project LGBTQIA+ homelessness charity:

Madre Goose


Writer/Director/Editor: Tali Clarke

Producer: somebody nobdy / Pride Punx

Featuring: Red Rash Inn

Pride Punx was born in 2016, when we ran a community-led live punk rock float at the Pride in London Parade - as our demonstration in reclaiming the parade as a positive protest, and honourig its radical roots. Bringing our DIY punk rock ethic to the event was received well, and we continued to expand each year. Kim Ford made a beautiful film about the first event, and the wider issues surrounding the pink-washing of Pride in recent years:

Pride Punx - This is Unity Music


Director/Camera/Editor: Kim Ford

Producer: Pride Punx

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